Discover Lofoten and its breathtaking landscape!
From the famous Trollfjord and top attractions such as the historic fishing village Risvær - on an isolated island, Henningsvær, Skrova and the mountain Reinebringen, to the incredible local history and culture. 
Let's Go Fishing Excursions takes you to the best destinations in Lofoten.
We also work with hand picked suppliers and collaborators.
They make the best food and serve it to you they way you deserve to be served.



Did you say a car-free island in Lofoten? Yes, it exists!

It takes only 5 minutes by boat from the mainland to Risvær and it is the most idyllic island in Lofoten - which has a long history of Lofoten fishing. A stone's throw away you will also find the one and only Trollfjord. You can paddle, ride an archipelago or watercraft.

Fishing trips and other water sports are offered!

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The raw materials in Lofotpils are first and foremost, real fresh water from Lofotjellene (95% share for ordinary pils), while malt, hops and yeast are supplied from reputable suppliers in Europe. 

In our production, Lofotpils will focus on the "taste of Lofoten" and believes that the pure taste comes best in the form of beer brewed according to German tradition on the fresh water in Lofoten. Lofotpils collaborates with local farmers on local production of malt, hops and spices.

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Du Verden was a dream for a long time - a dream of a restaurant house adapted to business associates, groups of friends, families and couples. A place where guests could choose which part of the restaurant they would dine in on occasion or menu request. A place where guests would feel as at home in suits, as in jeans. A place that stood out. A place where high-quality ingredients were the core. Du Verden is such a place. A place for good meals - informal in form, elegant in style. We have a passion for good food, a well-stocked and exciting drink menu and a desire to do our best every single day.



The island Skrova lures the boat people where it lies - often bathed in the sun. Skrovafjellet hiking, sunbathing, swimming, recreation and inspiration are among the things the "sun island" offers. Now you can head over to Skrova for a good meal and something good in the glass. If you come with your own boat, we have a large floating dock where guests can add.